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How to Get Properly Treated After a Car Accident

After you get in a car accident, you must always visit a pain management doctor. Such specialists will provide treatments that lead to the best outcome for you and your overall health. Your body endures a lot of stress and strain from such an impact. You should find a pain management doctor right away to receive a customized car accident treatment plan. 

The most important thing you can do is learn everything you can about proper treatment after experiencing a car accident. You need to initiate the healing process and move forward with your life as soon as possible. Here you can learn more about what a pain management doctor is and how they can help you recover quickly and completely. 

What Does a Pain Management Doctor Do?

A pain management doctor is trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat various injuries and pain experienced from a traumatic event, such as a car accident. These specialists can alleviate your pain in a non-surgical way using pain management services. And they do so at this type of clinic. Not only can these doctors address pain from specific events, but they can also help treat chronic pain that may not have a specific cause.  

First, the pain management doctor will administer a medical evaluation. Through the evaluation, they can diagnose the injury and determine the severity of it. They can also use tools like imaging studies to gather even more information about your particular medical condition. Once they have all the details they need regarding your situation, they will tailor a custom treatment plan for you to follow. They will also recommend certain exercises, tips, etc. based on your symptoms and injuries.

A pain management doctor giving a medical evaluation

After a car accident, you should certainly meet with your primary care physician to seek treatment and assistance. In addition, however, you should also schedule a visit with a pain management doctor as soon as possible. Because car accidents and similar events are their specialties, they are the most equipped to help you feel better fast. Their approach to your specific situation means they will be your greatest asset when it comes to proper treatment. 

Injuries They Can Treat

Pain management doctors can treat a variety of car accident injuries. Therefore, it is always worth getting checked out after such an event. The doctor will address your issues during your appointment. Common conditions that result from car accidents include the following:

  • Strained ligaments—These can be severe and possibly require surgery or immobilization. You will also need physical therapy.
  • Whiplash—Whiplash occurs when an impact lurches your neck and head forward or backward suddenly.
  • Herniated disc—If you herniate a disc as a result of a car accident, you will likely need to undergo a procedure to fix the issue.
  • Spondylolisthesis—Spondylolisthesis is where one of your vertebrae slips forward, which is quite painful. This is most common in the lower back.

Of these, whiplash is likely the most common type of injury after a car accident. Even minor accidents can result in whiplash. Even if you believe your injuries are minor or that your whiplash is not that severe, it’s still wise to see a specialist. Allow the pain management doctor to evaluate you adequately and develop your car accident treatment plan. They can then advise you on how to get back to feeling your best and no longer experiencing any pain. 

If you have been in a car accident, the resulting pain in various parts of your body often comes immediately, but not always. Sometimes certain injuries or pain points manifest themselves much later. It all depends on the severity of the crash. It’s possible you want to avoid visiting the doctor altogether because you don’t immediately feel much pain right away. 

You should keep in mind that injuries can pop up days—and sometimes even weeks—after a car accident event. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to schedule an appointment with a pain management doctor who can address potential injuries following a car accident. As specialists in their field, they know better than anyone what to look for.

Treatment Options After a Car Accident

Following a car accident, different types of treatment options address different injuries. Your doctor will evaluate your injuries and offer an individualized treatment plan. You can address any needs or changes with them at this point. Some of the common types of pain you may experience after a car accident include neck pain due to whiplash, head pain from a concussion, shoulder pain from strained ligaments, or back pain due to a herniated disc.

There are several approaches doctors can prescribe for your pain management treatment plan. Much of the time, you can expect multiple approaches for different injuries. The following list is not exhaustive but provides some typical treatment options you might need:

  • Medication to relieve pain
  • Exercise and lifestyle changes and recommendations
  • Physical therapy to improve your strength and flexibility
  • Massage therapy
  • Neck or back braces
  • Spinal injections

In cases where you experience prolonged or chronic pain after a car accident, know there are options for you to treat this too. Most often, your pain management doctor will recommend a specialized treatment plan that will include a mix of solutions and actions like therapy, injections, and massages. 

Car Accident Pain Management Near Me

Here at Lone Star Spine and Pain Physicians, we can help you recover from a car accident and get back to your day-to-day life in no time. We are dedicated to helping each one of our patients heal and regain their strength after an injury. You will always receive a tailored treatment plan based on the injuries of your specific case when you choose to work with our team of specialists. 

We have multiple locations to choose from. We promise that you will regain a pain-free quality of life when you come to us for help after experiencing a car accident. Even if you think your issues are minor, it never hurts to be evaluated properly just in case. If you have been in a car accident and want to be seen right away, then contact our offices to schedule a consultation with one of our pain management doctors. We will get you back on your feet so you can go back to living your life in no time at all.

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