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Did you know that 50 million Americans live with chronic pain? Because of this, we at Lone Star Spine & Pain, have assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced physicians to help patients find relief from their pain.

Excellence in patient care is among the highest priorities for each of our doctors. We understand that knowing your doctor is part of feeling secure in the treatment you are receiving.

So, we want you to get to know our renowned group of double Board Certified physicians and find out why Dr. Rahul Sarna, Dr. Hisham Kahn, and Dr. Derrick Wansom are here for the betterment of your health.

Picture of Dr. Rahul Sarna a physician at Lone Star Spine and Pain Institute

Rahul Sarna, M.D.

Dr. Rahul Sarna is a double Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management physician. A lifelong Texan, Dr. Sarna grew up in Plano, Texas. He attended the University of Texas at Austin where he received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering.

After receiving his degree, Dr. Rahul Sarna worked as a technical engineering consultant. This unique experience catalyzed him into beginning the pursuit of his dream: becoming a physician.

Dr. Sarna attained his M.D. from AUC in the Netherlands Antilles. While there, he received several prominent accolades. He was a Dean’s list scholar and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Phi Honors Society.

During his clinical training, Dr. Rahul Sarna completed his internship in Internal Medicine at Griffin Hospital. During that time, he became the first-ever Intern of the Year who was unanimously chosen by the faculty.

Dr. Sarna continued his residency training in Anesthesiology at The University of Connecticut. During that period, he was again named resident of the year by faculty choice. Following the completion of his Anesthesiology residency, Dr. Sarna went on to pursue a fellowship in Interventional Pain Management. This he did at SUNY Upstate Medical, Syracuse NY.

While at SUNY Upstate Medical, he completed chapter publications on neonatal/infant pain and presentations on complex regional pain syndrome. Dr. Sarna’s highly-specialized background enables him to treat a wide variety of conditions including:

Additionally, he has a special interest in stem cell therapies and neuromodulation. These include both traditional and DRG stimulation.

Dr. Sarna has dedicated his life to understanding how pain affects every patient differently. He works tirelessly to find the perfect treatment plan, tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

He uses a multidisciplinary approach to practicing pain management and is focused on getting his patients back to enjoying the things they love.

When he is not practicing medicine, Dr. Sarna enjoys time with his wife. They like cooking together and traveling. Dr. Sarna is also not one to pass up a round of golf.

Picture of Dr. Hisham Kahn a physician at Lone Star Spine and Pain Institute

Dr. Hisham Kahn, M.D.

Dr. Hisham Kahn is double Board Certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Management. He brings years of excellent patient care into his practice as he treats numerous and complex pain conditions.

After completing medical school and obtaining his M.D., Dr. Hisham Kahn matched into Anesthsiology. He completed his Anesthesiology residency at Ohio State University and went on to pursue a fellowship there as well in Interventional Pain Management.

Dr. Kahn prides himself on being a lifelong learner. This attribute allows him to offer the latest options and innovative therapies to his patients. He continues to research and educate himself on updates to the field of pain management. His patients know he considers all the available options when developing a treatment method for them.

Dr. Kahn works with patients to help them understand their treatment plans. He tailors each treatment plan to the individual with methods that offer demonstrable results. Dr. Kahn uses an evidence-based approach when deciding which treatment options are best for his patients.

He is especially happy to be able to offer patients advanced minimally invasive surgical options. Some of these include:

  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Dorsal root ganglion stimulation
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation therapy

One of Dr. Kahn’s goals as a physician is to advance the scope of pain management. This is evidenced in his presentations at multiple national conferences. He is constantly seeking new, proven methods for offering patients relief from their chronic pain.

When he is not alleviating his patients’ chronic pain, Dr. Kahn loves to be outdoors. Some of his hobbies include hiking and biking. He is also known to enjoy the local music and food scenes in San Marcos when he is not traveling.

Dr. Derrick Wansom, M.D.

From Detroit, MI, Dr. Derrick Wansom is double Board Certified in both Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management. Dr. Wansom received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania graduating with Honors.

He was the recipient of the Thomas J. Watson fellowship and spent a year studying music and culture across east Asia.

Following this unique experience, Dr. Wansom pursued his medical degree and also completed a surgical intern year at Wayne State University in Michigan. Following his general surgery intern year, he went on to complete the remainder of his residency specializing in anesthesia. This he did, along with a fellowship in interventional pain, at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.

After completing his extensive training, Dr. Derrick Wansom relocated to Austin, Texas where he practiced comprehensive pain medicine for 6 years. He is understanding of the nuances of living with chronic pain and the effect it has on overall well-being.

His personal care and listening skills contributed to his being nominated for and awarded the Top Doctor by Austin Monthly in 2022. He was nominated by his peers and continues to pursue excellence in patient care.

Dr. Wansom knows that living with chronic pain affects all aspects of life. Moods, relationships, and quality of living are all jeopardized when individuals suffer. Dr. Wansom listens carefully to his patients to gain a complete understanding of their personal experiences with chronic pain.

He then educates patients on the complexities of chronic pain. He customizes a plan for their treatment and helps them understand some of the “whys” behind their situation. Dr. Wansom uses:

  • Multi-modal treatments
  • Minimally invasive interventions
  • Targeted medical therapies
  • Behavioral and functional therapy
  • Integrative care

One of Dr. Wansom’s favorite aspects of practicing medicine is restoring patients to greater functionality. He finds great satisfaction in helping patients return to a more active, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Apart from medicine, Dr. Wansom’s interests include photography, wrenching on vintage cars, and listening to a wide range of different music.

Previous Patient Experiences

Untreated chronic pain can have lasting impacts on most areas of a patients’ life. It can lead to depression, strained relationships, loss of mobility and more. Fortunately, with the right medical care, there is hope and healing available.

At Lone Star Spine & Pain Institute, we recognize that choosing a doctor can be a difficult and personal decision. That’s why, we have made it easy to get a deeper look into how our patients feel about their experiences with our physicians.

Dr. Rahul Sarna, Dr. Hisham Kahn, and Dr. Derrick Wansom are adept at treating a wide variety of issues related to chronic pain. They are each here to listen, customize a treatment plan, educate you on your health and status, and provide tailored care to your needs.

Their attention to patient experience and care is unmatched. We welcome you to read patient reviews of each of our physicians on our Meet the Doctors page.

If you have questions about our office, physicians, or care, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to assist you in your search for a care provider who is perfect for you.

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