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The Benefits of Seeing a New Braunfels Pain Doctor

Seeing a New Braunfels Pain Doctor

According to the CDC, up to 20.4% of American adults are living with some form of chronic pain. This constant agony can reduce an individual’s overall quality of life, causing depression, anxiety, isolation, and even low self-esteem.

At Lone Star Spine and Pain Institute, we know for a fact that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Every New Braunfels pain doctor at our state-of-the-art clinic has years of experience helping patients like you find relief from chronic and short-term pain. The first step is scheduling a consultation to discuss your unique, personally tailored treatment plan. Is pain medicine the correct path forward on your treatment journey?

We’ve created this guide to help answer your frequently asked questions about pursuing treatment from an experienced, compassionate pain doctor in New Braunfels. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know as you consider your pain management options in South Central Texas.

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What Is a Pain Medicine Doctor?

Pain is a complex, unique experience that varies from patient to patient. Two individuals with the same diagnosis or injury may have contrasting experiences of pain. No matter the cause, pain is a signal that there is something wrong with your body that needs attention, and a pain doctor has the training necessary to help.

Physicians specializing in pain management have extensive training beyond the requirements of their medical degree. All of our resident doctors have completed advanced fellowships in interventional pain management. These focused, intensive clinical experiences make our New Braunfels pain doctors uniquely equipped to evaluate and treat your pain.

What Types of Pain Do Pain Doctors Treat?

Pain doctors treat any pain stemming from illness, injuries, or nervous system conditions, such as complex regional pain syndrome or neuropathy. Some of our patients come to us with an existing diagnosis, such as arthritis, sciatica, or spinal stenosis. Others experience headaches or need help recovering after an accident.

Many patients can’t figure out the source of their pain. They come to us with pain in different areas of the body, from their back, arms, legs, and shoulders, to their abdomen. We can help uncover the cause and develop an effective course of treatment.

In contrast, many patients know the precise source of their pain. Many diseases, such as cancer or IBD, require intensive and innovative approaches to pain management. Pain doctors can work with your extant medical team to find a solution.

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How Do Pain Doctors Determine the Best Course of Treatment for My Pain?

There is no “one size fits all” approach to pain management. Every course of treatment begins with a conversation.

Our first appointment is a consultation. Our pain specialist will discuss your medical history, concerns, and the treatments you’ve tried in the past. If necessary, we’ll order additional imaging or diagnostic tests to ensure we’re on the same page.

We may also ask you to keep a pain journal to help us understand your pain level and daily limitations. This can also help us address mood and sleep concerns in addition to physical pain.

From there, our New Braunsfels Pain Doctors will typically attempt a first-line treatment approach. Examples include medication, nerve blockers, various injections, and nerve stimulators. We’ll evaluate and adjust your treatment as necessary.

More advanced treatment may be appropriate in some cases, such as with chronic pain conditions. We also treat more complex pain stemming from spinal conditions or injuries. We’ll always try the least invasive treatments first and explain and discuss your options before moving forward.

Who Can I Reach Out to for More Information?

Pain is incredibly personal, and we’re sure you have questions about what it would mean to pursue treatment at Lone Star Spine and Pain Institute. We strive to treat every patient as an individual. That personalized attention begins before you arrive for your first appointment. You can speak to a representative from our New Braunfels office by calling 830-715-0583 or sending an email to

The best way to get answers to your questions is to schedule a consultation and speak to one of our doctors in person. You will not have to make a decision about treatment at your first appointment. We encourage you to visit our office, tour the modern facilities, meet our friendly team, and share your concerns in our comfortable, state-of-the-art examination rooms.

Dr. Derrick Wansom

Double Board Certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology

Dr. Rahul Sarna

Double Board Certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology

Dr. Hisham Khan

Double Board Certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology

Where Are You Located?

Our new location is on Stephen’s Place, near the Resolute Baptist Hospital in New Braunfels, Texas. We’re conveniently located near the following cities:

Anderson Mill | Austin | Canyon Lake | Cedar Park | Converse | Jollyville | Kirby | Kyle | Lakeway | Live Oak | Lockhart | New Braunfels | Schertz | Seguin | Universal City

Find Relief With a New Braunfels Pain Doctor

Pain is the human brain’s way of telling you something is wrong. While we need pain signals to keep us safe while we navigate the world, you shouldn’t have to live with life-altering pain all the time. If your pain regularly impacts your quality of life, it’s time to take the next step and see a New Braunfels pain doctor.

Patients seeking relief will find it at the Lone Star Spine and Pain institute, where our experienced practitioners will address the root cause of your pain. Living with pain is hard enough, so we’ve made it easy to schedule your initial consultation online. Our experienced pain doctors are ready and eager to guide you as you navigate your journey toward relief.

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